Maria Ligaya

Maria is a Freelance Travel Photographer based in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Her humble beginnings in the Philippines where she grew up exposed her to more challenges in life and used her passion for Photography to express herself. While doing a full-time accounting job, she pursued her passion for photography by taking some courses, attending workshops, and self-learning. Photography has also allowed her to travel to lesser-known places around the world, to discover and learn new cultures, and to capture these memories through her lens. 

“There is an emotional connection. As soon as I frame and press that shutter, I have so much feeling of joy. I lose the sense of space and time, it filters how I see the world around me. It opens my eyes and heart, to be vulnerable, it hurts, yet, the world could be so beautiful, inspiring... 

It's not only a photograph but a GREAT MOMENT."