Frame wall living room

Decorate your living room walls with modern abstract poster wall. Use the combinations of our talented artists artworks. All posters can be purchased at in the poster section. Many posters are exclusive at artwo!

Set up a poster wall the best possible way. Artwo shares their smartest tricks to successfully arrange a poster wall. 

It may look simple, but the result may not be as you intended. Artwo shares our tips below on how to succeed.

You need:

  • Posters in different sizes
  • A nail
  • Drill (if you need to drill holes in the wall first.)
  • Hammer
  • Folding rule

Do not start nailing the paintings directly to the wall without a plan. Lay out the paintings on the floor as you want them to sit.

No matter how big or small the board is, keep the same distance between them.

Do not just think about the size, take into account the frames and content as well. Be accurate with the measurement, if it is skewed it will be visible immediately. Email us at for any assistance!